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Enemies are the foes standing in your way. A distinct feature of Bite the Bullet is that each enemy has its own nutritional information that will affect what benefits you'll receive from consuming them.

Overview[edit | edit source]

From squads of organized Ghoul forces to violent predators and mutated Earthbound creatures, Chewie and Chewella have plenty of enemies to chew through. Luckily, ever new opponent is also a new source of resources: bullets, protein, and information for the Compendium.

Rotten and Infected Enemies

Enemies emanating noxious green fumes have the proper bacteria and enzymes to trigger a crafting fermentation inside Chewie or Chewella’s gut. However, they will also cause you to regurgitate anything which was recently consumed, causing an expenditure of valuable resources. Choose when to kill or consume these baddies carefully.

List[edit | edit source]

BTB Garand.png
These soldiers are the grunts of the Ghoul Resistance. Preferring to keep a healthy distance, Garands will shoot from afar with basic weaponry.
BTB Runner.png
Poor souls that have lost their higher intellectual functions due to long-term internal corruption from their implanted bio-nodes. These Ghouls are little more than mindless mouths on legs.
BTB Camo Ghoul.png
Camo Ghoul
Wearing active camo bodysuits and armed with vicious sickles, Camo Ghouls will chase their targets across vast distances, including state lines, if need be.
BTB Bio Behemoth.png
Goo Behemoth
Sentient blobs of leftover genetic material and bio-engineered implants. These seething masses of tentacles are strong and implacable, yet some rely more on their intelligence than their brawn to trap and manipulate their prey.
BTB Dire Bear.png
Dire Bear
Abnormally large versions of grizzly bears, these life forms have also developed a tough hide of bony protrusions as an extra layer of armor. In a turn that is truly out of character for bears, this mammal also has an incendiary breath attack.
BTB Wonder Elk.png
Wonder Elks
Wonder Elks are mysterious creatures that roam Earth’s forests. In a true act of symbiosis (or laziness) they let their bird companions do the hunting and fighting for them.
BTB Bird Gunner.png
Bird Gunner
Swarms of these drones were used for security patrols in many major cities. However, as Earth’s metropolises were abandoned, these robots were shut down, waiting to be scavenged and reactivated by the Ghouls.
BTB Chunk.png
Members of the Ghoul army’s heavy support infantry wanted a weapon that was as large and imposing as themselves. The high-velocity gatling guns they were issued did not disappoint.
BTB Ghoul Popper.png
Ghoul Popper
These hideous atrocities make the Runners look appealing. Malfunctioning bio-nodes mean these shambling mounds are ready to burst, like a Ghoul burrito left in the microwave for too long.
BTB Glutinator.png
Before the Great Exodus, the last wave of smart-home technology involved gadgets with “aggressive helpfulness.”
BTB Gore Turret.png
Gore Turret
Part of a series of weapons designed to have more environmentally-friendly, biodegradable ammo.
Cadaver Wagon
While functioning armored personnel carriers are few and far between on Earth, oversized humanoid hulks are in ready supply.
BTB Warp Corpse.png
Warp Corpse
Part of an experimental airborne division, these Ghoul soldiers were chosen for their complete lack of self-preservation.