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BTB Robovore.png

Smorgasborg is a class in Bite the Bullet.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Your toaster cooks food, but what if your toaster was food? Smorgasborgs specialize in devouring metal items and robotic enemies. Onboard digestive evolutions allow them to turn this material into a variety of automated defensive enhancements - you are what you eat, afterall.

Skill and ability tree[edit | edit source]

These are just example skills for now.
BTB Robovore Sk 1.png
  • Body Shrapnel - Your diet has given you a metallic shell-like membrane, which fragments upon impact, spraying outwards in jagged bits of deadly shrapnel!
BTB Robovore Sk 2.png
  • Blast Processing - Crank it up by converting incoming damage into ammo!
BTB Robovore Sk 3.png
  • End of Life Electronics - Use their batteries against their brethren. Killing robotic enemies creates an electrical shockwave that stuns nearby enemies!

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